Our Volunteers

The Auxiliary at The Medical Center is committed to providing needed volunteer services to the staff, patients, and visitors at The Medical Center and its facilities. In all of its projects and activities, the Auxiliary strives to support the mission of The Medical Center: to improve the health of the citizens and communities we serve.

One of the key projects the Auxiliary undertakes is the provision of scholarships for full-time team members at The Medical Center to continue their educational endeavors or to acquire healthcare-related certifications relevant to their job functions or to allow for the advancement to other job functions within the The Medical Center. The members of the Auxiliary volunteer on a weekly basis within our system ranging from our Admissions Department to many of our clinics to Hospice to our Intensive Care Unit.

What Do Our Volunteers Do?

Our volunteers donate their time to assist our staff with clerical duties like filing, answering phones, and making needed Xerox copies to escorting patients to the appropriate destination within our facility to providing a friendly smile and a kind word to our patients' family and friends while they wait to visit their loved ones. Our Auxiliary meets on a monthly basis to adopt other needed projects within the The Medical Center, discuss fundraising opportunities, and to enjoy the fellowship with other members of the Auxiliary.

Volunteer Benefits

Discounts in the cafeteria, free birthday meal, and free notary, fax and copy services are small benefits for membership; the true benefit our members seek is the knowledge they are helping others when the need is truly the greatest.

Become a Volunteer

If you are interested in working with the Auxiliary at The Medical Center and believe you have the caring heart and compassion to serve others, please contact Chrissy Nicholson at (662) 725-2008.

To join our incredible volunteersPlease click here to begin your journey as a volunteer with The Medical Center.