MS Delta Family Residency Program

MSMERC Mississippi Delta Family Residency Program is pleased to welcome you to our site. We are a rural family medicine program based in Greenville, MS, the heart of the Mississippi Delta. This area is associated with great food and even better people but unfortunately, it is also plagued with poor health outcomes due to many factors including access to care, poverty, and healthcare knowledge. This residency program was strategically placed in the Mississippi Delta to help improve these poor outcomes. We aim to teach residents traditional medicine as well as the compassion to care for underserved patients.

The Program’s curriculum adheres to the guidelines prescribed by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, which includes multi-disciplined clinical rotations attended by local family medicine and specialty physicians. The internship, PGY-1, year focus largely on inpatient medicine, both adult and pediatrics. These inpatient rotations will occur in Delta Health System-The Medical Center, which serves as the primary participating site. Additionally, there is an ongoing outpatient clinic where the resident will establish a panel of continuity patients to follow through to the Program’s completion. Exposure to community health through home visits and community outreach activities will engender appreciation of health care beyond the traditional medical clinic and hospital.

Obstetrics experiences in family medicine residency programs have dwindled over the years. Our program, however, offers the rich experience of obstetrics training attended by fellowship trained family physicians. These family physicians, affiliated with South Sunflower County Hospital in Indianola, MS, are responsible for this training in prenatal care and deliveries. Obstetrics rotations extend into the PGY-1 and PGY-3 years to include continuity maternity care led by The Medical Center obstetricians. These diverse experiences and ongoing opportunities to increase skills allow sufficient preparation to incorporate obstetrics into a subsequent practice if additional training with an Obstetrics Fellowship is also obtained.

Further rotations in specialty fields include required and elective rotations in surgery, emergency medicine, cardiology, nephrology, ophthalmology, radiology, dermatology, psychiatry, and ambulatory pediatrics. Other components of the training include weekly lectures, grand rounds and journal club. Scholarly activity projects are required throughout the residency years.