Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation in Greenville & Washington County

At The Medical Center, our highly trained professionals specialize in dealing with patients in need of therapy to give them a better quality of life when discharged.

Each person’s program is tailored to meet his or her needs by integrating appropriate specialty services as needed with several different disciplines, such as:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy

Our physical therapists are proficient in reducing pain, improving and restoring the patient’s mobility in order to achieve optimum health without further risk of re-injury; and once physical therapy is complete, patients can resume their daily activities. Occupational therapists assist patients in regaining a quality of life after illness, injury or surgery. Assessment and treatment of function relating to activities of daily living provides meaningful improvement for people’s lives. Treating patients with communication, cognition, and swallowing disorders is the main role of speech and language therapy. Our therapists possess a high-level of expertise in developing a specialized treatment plan to enhance the patient’s basic motor functions and/or reasoning abilities to compensate for permanent loss of function.

Our number one goal is to care for our patients with exceptional and compassionate care right here at home.