Delta Health System-The Medical Center COVID-19 Heroes Honored By The Rotary Club of Greenville

Delta Health System-The Medical Center COVID-19 Heroes  Honored By The Rotary Club of Greenville

The Delta Health System-The Medical Center team has been on the front lines of the pandemic since the first case arrived in Washington County over one year ago and continue to provide premier care and innovative treatments to their patients. This exemplary work did not go unnoticed by the Rotary Club of Greenville who honored four non-Rotarians with the high honor of Paul Harris Fellow.

Bob Corkern, M.D., Satwinder Singh, M.D., Mary Claire Glasco, Director of Infection Control and Paul Dillon, Director of Physical Plant, along with other community leaders were recognized for their heroes work throughout the pandemic.

A Paul Harris Fellow is a person who has been recognized as having done something significant for others. The Foundation recognizes them for the contribution of $ 1000, which will be spent on Humanitarian efforts around the world. A club recognizes them for service to the club and or the community. Individual Paul Harris Fellows recognize others for many reasons; admiration, service, love or whatever. In all cases the recognition is significant and something to be proud of.

“When our team members receive such high praise and recognition such as being named as Paul Harris Fellows, I am even more honored to work with them. The care they give our patients and community is nothing short of excellent,” said Scott Christensen, Delta Health System Chief Executive Officer. “As a Rotarian, I understand the accolades our staff received. Thank you to the Rotary Club members for acknowledging the work that has and continues to be done by our dedicated team.”

Delta Health System-The Medical Center was verbally recognized by Mark Hooker, Rotary Club of Greenville President, with being a light and beacon for their healthcare delivery. Also mentioned were Rotarians, Maroun Hayek, M.D., Amy Walker, Chief Nursing Officer, and Melissa Moyse, Patient Safety Officer, for their commitment to caring for all through the pandemic.