Delta Health System Announces New Residents

Delta Health System Announces New Residents

Scott Christensen, Delta Health System Chief Executive Officer announced the incoming Mississippi Delta Family Medicine Residents will begin their three-year program beginning July 1, 2021. The new residents will join the seven second year physicians that will have completed one full year of the program.

“I am honored to be amongst such an elite and talented group of physicians that will be joining our residency program. We will have sixteen family medicine doctors caring for patients throughout the Delta region to provide essential healthcare to our rural areas,” said Christensen. “Our current residents have integrated into the community and have been instrumental in providing family care in their clinic and hospital working alongside our staff through the pandemic. Currently, the residents can be seen on the COVID-19 mobile clinic providing the vaccine throughout the Delta. The residents are a stellar addition to our already incredible group of physicians.”

The Mississippi Delta Family Medicine Residency Program New Residents 2021:

  • Gene Abraham, M.D., International American University, Saint Lucia
  • Steven Anderson, M.D., Ross University, Barbados
  • Susmita Chowdhury, M.D., American University of Antigua
  • Teresa Horst, M.D., American University of the Caribbean, Sint Maarten
  • Dominque Joseph, M.D., Saba University School of Medicine, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius & Saba
  • Christina Joy, M.D., Trinity School of Medicine, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
  • Sonia Merchant, M.D., International American University, Saint Lucia
  • Anisha Patel, M.D., American University of Integrative Sciences, Barbados
  • Lacey Shreve, M.D., St. George University, Grenada

Discussions among Delta-wide partners led to the creation of The Mississippi Medical Education & Research Consortium (MSMERC), a 501C3 agency, formed to lead and oversee the production of quality trained health care professionals that will improve community-wide health outcomes. Mississippi Medical Education and Research

“The MS Delta Family Medicine Residency program is a great opportunity for our community to recruit future doctors to our area. This will benefit families and especially inspire our children. Delta Health System continues to look for avenues to increase healthcare options for the citizens we serve,” said Jamelda Fulton, Delta Health System Board of Trustees member.

Consortium (MSMERC) vision is to provide comprehensive, high quality care through the delivery and coordination of family and patient-centered healthcare services.

The Mississippi Medical Education and Research Consortium will strive to create learner and patient centered environments that stress compassionate care, integrity, inclusivity, academic excellence, scholarship, adaptability, and social responsibility.

The first year includes many facets such as Didactics and Presentations, Communications, Nursing Home, and Scholarly Activity and Research.

Didactics and Presentations: The Program will ensure that the residents are provided comprehensive and current education on medical topics and healthcare systems issues through required weekly four- hour didactic sessions.

Communications: The Program will provide resources for ongoing resident development in communication skills and interpersonal relationship building among peers, faculty, staff, and patients and their families.

Nursing Home: The Program will provide a geriatrics education experience through nursing home exposure.

Scholarly Activity and Research: The Program will provide support for residents to take advantage of the wealth of research possibilities within the Family Practice clinical setting, healthcare systems, and the Delta community and population served.

“There were many applications to the residency program, and I am confident that the nine doctors will be an asset to our strong team. Delta Health System remains committed to being the healthcare leader in the region,” added Christensen.