Greenville Sports Medicine

We Treat Patients of All Athletic Levels

The Outpatient Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Center, a service of The Medical Center, provides Sports Medicine related services. The program includes sports injury assessment and rehabilitation for athletes and active individuals of all age groups. Sports Medicine services may be prescribed in conjunction with pre-operative, operative and non-operative care.

Sports medicine also may include general musculoskeletal rehabilitation with a particular emphasis on knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle injuries. It can also treat conditions caused by overuse of a joint, degenerative conditions, and acute injuries.

The sports medicine program is conducted by licensed physical therapists and athletic trainers. Services are provided at The Outpatient Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Center, at area athletic events, and onsite at area high schools.

Patient Referral

Physical therapy services require a referral from a patient’s primary care physician or specialist. The athletic trainer may also be contacted by a school for onsite consultation. If you or your child have an injury keeping you on the sidelines from the sports and athletics you enjoy, the staff at Outpatient Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine can help.

To learn more about The Outpatient Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Center, contact your physician or call (662) 334-2021