Delta Health System Announces Family Medicine Residency Graduation

Greenville, Mississippi, located in the heart of the Delta, is home to the region’s first residency program, the MS Delta Family Residency Program. Delta Health System would like to announce that on July 1, 2024, the residency class of 2024 will be graduating and moving forward with their career path.

“On behalf of Delta Health System, I am proud to report that the class of 2024 residents are graduating from the MS Delta Family Residency Program. The program graduated its first class in June 2023, and we are thrilled to see the fairly new program thriving and maturing,” said Iris Y. Stacker, Chief Executive Officer. “Delta Health System is grateful for our legislators, community leaders, physicians, staff, and residents who have believed and supported this vital program with the goal of producing more physicians for the Delta and other areas. One of Delta Health System’s primary goals is to cultivate highly trained physicians to care for our patient population.”

The seven residents graduating are: Steven Anderson, M.D., Susmita Chowdhury, M.D., Dominique Joseph, M.D., Teresa Horst, M.D., Christina Joy, M.D., Sonia Merchant, M.D., Anisha Patel, M.D. “The MS Delta Family Medicine Residency Program continues to work towards developing initiatives to improve and grow this program and we have been honored to have them in the Delta,” said Stacker.

"The Mississippi Delta Family Medicine Residency Program is proud to graduate our second class of 7 resident physicians. The 2024 graduating class represents a unique step in our program, and they achieved many firsts, including our first fellowship accepted residents, first residency couple, and continued our overall academic success as a program. They also faced unique COVID and post-COVID challenges and overcame them while helping our program advance and grow. Their time in our program helped us grow and expand to meet our mission of changing the lives of patients in the Mississippi Delta while training physicians to be capable of treating our community members. We are excited to see what their future holds,” said Dr. Brent Smith, MS Delta Family Residency Program Director.