Delta Health System Announces Plans to Open Highland Hills Hospital in Senatobia

Delta Health System Announces Plans to Open Highland Hills Hospital in Senatobia

Greenville, MS: Scott Christensen, Chief Executive Officer, Delta Health System, has announced plans to open the Highland Hills Medical Center in Senatobia, Mississippi. The Hospital will be the latest addition to the Delta Health System expansion across the state.

“Delta Health System was formed to grow and expand healthcare resources, in addition to supporting communities struggling with healthcare access. Our goal is to provide those resources, expertise and knowledge resulting in exceptional patient experiences and financial stability,” said Christensen. “Oftentimes, a hospital in a community can be taken for granted, so we are energized to open a hospital in Senatobia offering emergency room care to a community that has been without it for so long.”

Two initial priorities of the Delta Health System team are to open the emergency room providing urgent care to the area and to establish relationships with the local healthcare providers. “We have the best team of healthcare professionals and see it as our responsibility to grow and expand our expertise which only makes the health system stronger. The Emergency Room is the front door to any hospital so providing 24/7 medical care to a community is at the forefront of primary care services. Citizens deserve the best care possible performed by professional, local and compassionate people,” said Christensen. “It is also vital that we develop and build relationships with the local healthcare providers so that they understand that this hospital is open to them and their patients.”

“The Highland Hills addition is a continuation of Delta Health System’s strategic plan to increase access to excellent healthcare throughout the region. Our goal is to give communities the ability to receive their care locally by qualified, professional and compassionate providers,” said Sam Newsom, Chairman, Delta Health System.

Delta Health System was introduced to the idea of buying the facility, formerly known as North Oak Hospital, through the efforts of State Representatives Trey Lamar and John Hines.

“Tate County’s hospital will soon re-open under the new ownership of Delta Health System. The successful re-opening is critical for the future of healthcare in Tate County and will serve as a tremendous boost to our local economy. I am honored to have worked alongside a dedicated group of county and city leaders who have accomplished our goal of securing new hospital ownership committed to serving our citizens. Our people will soon be able to get the care they need right here at home. This milestone accomplishment was reached due to the hard work of our local leadership. I am thankful to Delta Health System and their commitment to serve Senatobia and Tate County for years to come,” said Representative Trey Lamar.

“This is how the process works, when individuals put their personal issues aside and have the desire to improve the quality of life for the citizens of the community, we all win! Rep. Lamar and I have been able to work together to advance access to health care by establishing this partnership with DHS and Tate County. This relationship will ensure that healthcare becomes an economic driver for all parties involved. What a great day for healthcare and the citizens of the community", said Representative John Hines.

“It’s not every day you get to open a hospital, especially in Mississippi, and this effort cannot be done alone. We need the support of everyone-which will ultimately improve healthcare in our state,” said Christensen. As steps and plans to open are progressing, Delta Health System will begin hiring personnel to operate the hospital on a daily basis. Projected opening date of the hospital is in late Spring, 2021.

“It is good to be a Tate Countian during this time of a pandemic because our community is pulling and working together to bring growth and positive outcomes to our area. On behalf of the county supervisors, I am thrilled to have Delta Health System come to our area to open the hospital and improve our quality of life. We have been missing this component in our lives, so we are extremely thankful for this opportunity and are embracing the Delta Health System team,” said Tony Sandridge, President Tate County Supervisors.

As plans progress toward the opening of the hospital, leadership team members from Delta Health System have been meeting with local community stakeholders to become familiar with the activities of charitable and civic groups.

“I can speak on behalf of the EDF and our leadership on how proud we are to have Delta Health System reopening and operating our local hospital. Delta Health System will bring the community partnership we need to meet the health care needs of Senatobia and Tate County. Delta Health System is one of the most innovative health care organizations in the state of Mississippi and has a reputation for its community involvement. I really want to thank the hard work of Representative Trey Lamar in facilitating this great development. Also, my thanks to the City and County leadership for their active engagement in making this happen,” said Britt Herrin, Executive Director Tate County Economic Development Foundation.

“Senatobia was blessed to have a hospital for many years, so it was like a dagger to the heart when it abruptly closed. We are thankful for our representative, Trey Lamar, for his tireless efforts to reopen the hospital and we are thankful for Delta Health choosing Senatobia. We anticipate a mutually beneficial relationship for many years to come,” said Senatobia Mayor Greg Graves.

“Delta Health System is currently in Washington, Coahoma and Tate counties and our teams are working as a cohesive unit to advance and enlarge healthcare opportunities throughout the region. Highland Hills patients will have access to premier patient care services through Delta Health System,” said Christensen.