Delta Health System Announces First Hospital Expansion

Delta Health System Announces First Hospital Expansion

Greenville, MS: Scott Christensen, Chief Executive Officer, Delta Health System, has announced that as of February 1, 2021, Northwest Mississippi Regional Hospital, in Clarksdale will be the first hospital expansion under the recently formed Delta Health System. The hospital will continue operations under management by Delta Health System and will be called Delta Health System-Northwest Regional.

“Delta Health System was formed to support healthcare in communities and to provide stability and medical expertise that ensures viability of the local area’s hospital and clinics,’ said Christensen. “Our team is invigorated to begin expanding healthcare services with this loyal and dedicated staff based in Coahoma County who have been providing exceptional patient care for many years.”

Top priorities of the Delta Health System team are to establish and strengthen physician relationships, enhance emergency room services, provide additional primary care with select specialties and increase awareness to the county and surrounding areas concerning the superior care given at this facility. “The existing staff has been delivering quality care and our team is thrilled to be able to stabilize and broaden services and providers,” said Christensen. “It is imperative to amplify communications to the communities concerning the skilled healthcare providers, staff and services performed at this facility.”

Delta Health System has been working closely with the Coahoma County Board of Supervisors about the management of the hospital facility. “The Coahoma County leadership demonstrated the importance of continuing and growing quality healthcare in their community. We are extremely pleased to close this transaction and extend our mission right here at home. Our goal is to continue their long-standing relationships with the local community to provide superior care by Delta citizens for Delta citizens,” said Christensen.

Delta Health System staff from various facilities have been working together to ensure a smooth transition. Communication has been ongoing and essential with the same goal of providing excellent patient care.

“On behalf of the Coahoma County Board of Supervisors, I am looking forward to working with the Delta Health System personnel to improve the quality of health in our county. Everyone has been extremely amicable to work with and think this will be a good partnership,” said Johnny Newsom, President Coahoma County Supervisors.

The Delta Health System-Northwest Regional team are immersed in the civic and charitable organizations and will continue to lead as community partners. The professional and dedicated staff are an essential element to the success of the hospital.