Delta Health - The Medical Center Welcomes New Executive Director

Delta Health - The Medical Center Welcomes New Executive Director

Scott Christensen, Delta Health - The Medical Center (DRMC) Chief Executive Officer, announced and welcomed Stephanie Patton to the DRMC leadership team. Stephanie will serve as Executive Director, Health System Development.

“We can no longer think of ourselves as just a medical center, we are so much more and have been for quite some time. We are thrilled to add Stephanie to our team to help develop and create Delta Health System. As the largest employer and provider of healthcare in our region, it is time for us to step up and embrace that role as a System and be a leader in all things related to healthcare. Sustaining and growing the financial stability of healthcare in the Delta is one of our top priorities and with the continual uncertainty of the medical landscape, working with other hospitals and healthcare institutions is necessary for all involved”, said Christensen. “There are so many opportunities to collaborate and bring other healthcare providers under a System umbrella and we look forward to developing those relationships.”

Stephanie comes to Delta Health - The Medical Center with health care and communication experience as well as managerial and entrepreneurial skills. As Executive Director, Health System Development, she will be working with Delta-wide community leadership including area physicians, hospitals, clinics, economic developers, elected officials, non-profit organizations, and other Delta stakeholders, to cultivate this initiative and expand Delta-wide healthcare services.

“I’ve been fortunate to work with many community leaders all across the Delta over the last 10 years, and in doing so, I know that we have credible, competent people in these roles. If we are going to improve our healthcare opportunities here, it’s going to take all of us at the local level working together toward a bigger goal,” said Patton. “Healthy communities are thriving communities.”

Delta Health System is a new healthcare delivery system currently in development and formed with affiliates, partners and sponsors throughout the Delta region. The goal of the initiative is to improve the health of the population served in the Mississippi Delta and support sustainability for our healthcare providers. Benefits of a system include issues of access, expenditures, and resources, including personnel and facilities.

“In our country, there are very few hospitals and health institutions that are not part of a larger system. It makes perfect sense for this region and Delta Health - The Medical Center to move toward sustainability and work together so that at the end of the day, our communities are given the service they require and deserve,” said Christensen. “Hiring Stephanie Patton is an important step toward formulating this strategic plan.”