Delta Health - The Medical Center Opens Arcola Health Center

Delta Health - The Medical Center Opens Arcola Health Center

Scott Christensen, Delta Health - The Medical Center (DRMC) Chief Executive Officer, announced the official opening of the Arcola Health Center, which will serve as the only healthcare facility in the Arcola community. The clinic will offer primary care and specialty services to improve the health of the residents served.

Located at 108 Main Street, Arcola, Mississippi, the clinic, located in the center of town, has been renovated internally and externally including ample parking for all patients and their families. The Arcola Health Center will be staffed by highly trained certified nurse practitioners and nurses along with medical specialty physicians rotating through the clinic to offer essential services to the area.

“The Arcola Health Center is created to meet the healthcare needs of not only Arcola but the surrounding area. The Delta Health - The Medical Center team will provide high quality care along with efficient and compassionate service to achieve the goal of a healthier community,” said Scott Christensen. He added, “We take our responsibility as the health care leader in the Delta Region very seriously and continue to look for resources to improve health outcomes and the quality of life for our residents. Establishing the Arcola Health Center is one of the many ways DRMC continues to strive to be a center of excellence.”

The clinic will provide certain laboratory and diagnostic testing which will allow patients the convenience of having their medical tests done at the time of service without having to travel to Delta Health - The Medical Center or other facilities.

According to Janet Benzing, Delta Health - The Medical Center Executive Director of Ancillary Services, “Our goal has always been to expand healthcare services to areas in need so this is a natural progression of our plans. The Arcola Health Center staff will work to improve health outcomes to all we serve.”

The Arcola Health Center joins the Delta Health - The Medical Center’s network of health services as part of the Delta Medical Group clinics providing quality care and representing over 14 medical specialties.

Christensen reports, “Delta Health - The Medical Center is providing excellent care and service to not only our community but the Delta Region and beyond. Our strategic plan to expand primary care and serve more patients is more visible than ever with the development of the Arcola Health Center. The board of directors and leadership team understand that Delta Health - The Medical Center is the leader in healthcare not only in our area but the Delta Region, and we continue to look for more avenues of service to care for all the needs of our patients.”

The Arcola Health Center is located at 108 Main Street, Arcola, Mississippi. Initial clinic hours are as follows: Monday and Wednesday: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and Tuesday and Thursday: 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. The clinic phone number is 662.807.1812. Medicare, Medicaid, insurance and self-pay is accepted. Delta Health - The Medical Center continues to provide quality care, right here at home.