Delta Health System Announcement

Delta Health System Update

Greenville, MS: On behalf of the Board of Trustees of Delta Health System, Ms. Jamelda Fulton, Chairman, announced that Ms. Iris Yeldell Stacker has accepted the position of Delta Health System Chief Executive Officer after serving in an interim role since July 2022. Ms. Stacker will continue to conduct the day-to-day operations along with the senior leadership team.

“I am looking forward to continuing the strategic plans that we began in July when I began my role as interim. Thank you to the Board of Trustees for their confidence in me and I am eager to begin this next chapter,” said Stacker. “As I have said before, my history with this hospital and healthcare runs deep and my goal is to not only become a more financially stable hospital but to expand our service lines, physicians, and other programs.”

“The Board of Trustees is pleased to have Ms. Stacker accept the Chief Executive Officer position. During her interim tenure, with the assistance of the Board of Trustees and management team, our hospital has stabilized the financial position of our facility and successfully structured the sale of Delta Health System-Highland Hills and the divestiture of Delta Health System-Northwest Regional. The Board of Trustees is confident that she will continue to move The Medical Center in a strategic direction that is beneficial to our community, staff & the patients we serve,” said Fulton.

As of May 1, 2023, Delta Health System completed the sale of Highland Hills in Senatobia, MS to the Tate County Board of Supervisors. Details of the sale will be forthcoming.

“Delta Health System opened the Senatobia facility in 2021 in an area that did not have a hospital for their residents. We are proud to say that Tate County has a viable and productive hospital now to provide access to care for their community. The Tate County Board of Supervisors have ownership, and we wish them luck in providing medical services to their patients,” added Fulton.

The Board of Trustees of Delta Health System reported that along with the Northwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center Board of Trustees an agreement to transfer the operations of Northwest Regional to the Northwest Regional Medical

Center Board of Trustees began May 1, 2023. This agreement is supported and funded by the Coahoma County Board of Supervisors.

“Our board believes that this decision will strategically allow both The Medical Center and Northwest Regional the opportunity to move forward in a positive direction strengthening the financial security of each hospital. It has remained the intent of the Board of Trustees of Delta Health System to ensure that medical services continue to remain available to the citizens of Washington & Coahoma Counties,” Fulton.

The Medical Center will continue the mission of providing high quality medical services to the citizens and communities in the tri-state delta region. “Our hospital staff and physicians demonstrate a culture of excellence and continue to provide the highest quality of care to all we serve. I am proud to serve with this stellar group of individuals,” added Stacker.

For more information concerning Delta Health System, please contact Kim Dowdy, Community Development Manager, at 662.725.2830.