The Medical Center Announces Service Line Expansion

Rural healthcare and hospitals have been a topic of conversation for the last few years and The Medical Center has been no exception. Iris Y. Stacker, Interim Chief Executive Officer, and the hospital team continue to move the needle forward in enhancing current service lines, procedures, and healthcare initiatives even during turbulent times.

“The community is aware of the issues that The Medical Center and other rural hospitals have been dealing with, especially during and after the pandemic, but some might not be aware of the growth some of our service lines have been experiencing. There are many positives at The Medical Center, and we continue to research avenues to stimulate development to better serve our patients,” said Stacker.

The Pain Management Clinic opened in August, 2022 as a new service at The Medical Center. Dr. Ryan McGaughey, Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Physician, and June Kimbrough, FNP, began caring for patients one day a week at the hospital. Due to the high volume, the clinic has added another day to the schedule with the goal of adding another day for surgical procedures. “The patient population in need of pain management care is extremely high so we are so pleased that Dr. McGaughey and June are available at The Medical Center to provide premier healthcare and able to add more days,” said Amy Walker, Chief Nursing Officer. “Dr. McGaughey provides interventional pain management procedures along as well as medication regiments. We are fortunate to have his level of expertise in the Delta.”

Another service line expansion is the Sleep Center adding another room to increase accessibility for providers to schedule sleep studies for their patients Due to a scheduling backlog, The Medical Center leadership felt it vital to increase the sleep center testing for patients and providers to allow for a more rapid diagnosis. Dr. Michael Sand, Board Certified Sleep Specialist, and the team continue to provide excellent care and service to patients before, during, and after the sleep study. “Understanding the importance of sleep and the direct connection with chronic health problems is one of the main objectives of the Sleep Center. Most people don’t have an understanding of a sleep study, so Dr. Sand and staff not only provide the test but also the educational aspect,” added Walker.

The Family Medicine Residency Program will be graduating their first class of seven residents in June 2023. Also on the horizon is a new class beginning July 1. “The Residency Program was designed to enhance the family medicine availability in not only Washington County but the Delta and this has come to fruition. We are proud to have the first class graduating and three residents will be staying in the Delta. Two will work for Delta Health System and one is going to Ruleville. You will be hearing more about this achievement in the future,” said Stacker. “To say I am gratified and delighted is an understatement.”

The Medical Center has other items on the horizons that will be revealed within the year. “I encourage our community and the Delta to continue to use our services and support the hospital and staff who work daily for the goal of a healthier population,” advocated Stacker. “I want to thank the community for their continued support.”