The Medical Center Honored By MORA

The Medical Center Honored By MORA

The Medical Center Honored by Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency

Greenville, MS: Delta Health System-The Medical Center was among a prestigious list of hospitals honored at the Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency (MORA) 10th Annual Spero Awards Tuesday, July 11, 2023. The awards ceremony recognizes hospital partners, medical professionals, and community partners who help make the Donate Life mission possible.

The Medical Center was awarded the Hospital Excellence Award for achieving national organ donation performance standards set by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. “I am so proud of our team and the work they do to preserve life for others. The Medical Center has always been a huge proponent and supporter of MORA along with their mission of saving and improving lives,” said Iris Stacker, Delta Health System Chief Executive Officer. “Organ donation can be a sensitive subject to approach, but our staff navigates through with such compassion, care, and thoughtful attitudes that families feel much more comfortable with their decision.”

The word Spero is Latin for “hope” which is why the title was chosen for the awards,reflecting the hope that organ and tissue donation brings to those in need of a lifesaving or healing transplant. Currently there are 1,300 Mississippians on the 100,000+ organ transplant waiting list with over 1,200 of those waiting for a kidney transplant. MORA has partnered with hospitals, including The Medical, to increase awareness and education on the impact one organ and tissue donor can have on many lives.

For more information concerning organ donation, please contact the Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency at 601.933.1000 or visit