The Medical Center Offers Financial Assistance Program

The Medical Center Offers Financial Assistance Program

Greenville, MS: Iris Stacker, Interim Delta Health System Chief Executive Officer, re-introduced information regarding a financial solution program to assist patients with paying their hospital bills. The all-digital and bank-backed product, powered by iVitaFi, is being offered to The Medical Center patients to assist with their hospital bill payment. This is interest-free financing, with flexible payment options at no added cost, to relieve the burden of medical expenses incurred at the hospital.

A patient-friendly lending solution is a line of credit that has been developed to aid patients with medical expenses with ease and no hassle. The application is completed online with the assistance of The Medical Center staff and credit decisions are made within minutes. Applying for the line of credit does not affect the patient’s credit score (terms and conditions apply).

“Our goal is to provide the highest level of compassionate and professional care to our patients. This includes working with them on an individual basis to ensure that the hospital receives payment for services while maintaining a level of caring for patient’s financial situation. iVitaFi financial services is a patient-friendly solution for all parties,” said Stacker.

The line of credit covers the patient’s portion of the expenses owed to The Medical Center. “Our staff is eager to make this a smooth operation for all involved,” said Stacker. The lending program allows The Medical Center the ability to offer patients an alternative form of payment with zero interest, no credit check or additional fees, and a convenient customer portal.

For patients that are interested in finding out more information concerning iVitafi, please contact The Medical Center at 662.725.2595.