Delta Health System Introduction

Delta Health System Introduction

Greenville, MS -- Scott Christensen, Delta Health System- The Medical Center (DRMC) Chief Executive Officer, has announced that the DRMC Board of Directors adopted a resolution officially renaming Delta Health System - The Medical Center and its affiliated clinics and medical specialty services to Delta Health System. The name change comes after several years of strategic due diligence by the hospital leadership.

“In the last few years, we have seen Delta-area hospitals close, physicians age out, patient outmigration, and continued challenges related to healthcare access,” said Christensen. “As the largest medical provider in the Mississippi and Arkansas Delta and one of the largest employers, we feel it’s our responsibility to take a leadership role in addressing these challenges, working strategically and collaboratively to sustain healthcare and keep it viable in our local communities. Our intent is to go beyond just treating the sick. This name change better reflects that strategy.”

According to Christensen, some of the initiatives to combat physician attrition and rural healthcare access have already begun. This summer, the first-ever Mississippi Delta Family Medicine Residency program launched with seven family medicine residents. Within three years, there will be 24 family medical doctors completing their residency in the Delta. Research shows that typically 60% of medical residents will choose to continue their practice in the area where they did their residency.

“The Family Medicine Residency program alone has the potential to solve the physician attrition problem for the Delta,” said Christensen. “The hope is that these residents will choose to stay in the Delta region, whether that’s in Greenville, Indianola, Belzoni, Clarksdale, Greenwood, Rolling Fork, or any other Delta community.”

Efforts to address rural healthcare access under the Delta Health System will include multiple strategies such as partnerships with other Delta-based hospitals, new medical clinics in smaller towns and expansion of telehealth services into non-medical facilities such as retailers and schools.

Last year, a new clinic in Arcola was opened and earlier this summer, a partnership with CSpire for Remote Patient Monitoring was announced as the first of its type in the state.

“Under the Delta Health System banner, we have the opportunity to step up and work with other hospitals, physicians, and healthcare-focused organizations to make sure all residents have access to quality healthcare,” said Stephanie Patton, Executive Director, Health System Development. “We’ll also be expanding what ‘healthcare’ looks like, beyond just medical treatments. So many social determinants play into maintaining good health, and under our Delta Health System, we’ll have the resources to better address all of it.”

In the upcoming months, the community will see physical changes such as new signage on buildings, but the continuity of care will not be affected for patients. All the current Delta Health System - The Medical Center facilities will be renamed and management will be controlled by Delta Health System.

Delta Health System- The Medical Center has experienced growth and name changes throughout the last 57 years. Originally called the Washington County General Hospital, the first name change was to Delta Medical Center. The current brand Delta Health System- The Medical Center has been around for many years but the one constant through all the various titles is the outstanding care and dedication patients and families have been given by the physicians and employees.

For more information, contact Kim Dowdy, Community Development Manager, at 662.725.2830.